Ormiston Primary School learning is rooted in the vision, principles, values, key competencies & learning areas of the  New Zealand Curriculum 

At Ormiston, we have developed unique identities for our learning blocks;



It is time for learners to be curious. In order to develop independence and curiosity we envision that our Learning Coaches will provide provocations which will be available for the learners to engage with each morning. We see iExplore as ‘our reason to get out of bed in the morning’. It will be more self-directed in the senior habitats and Learning Coach lead in the junior habitats.


This learning block will involve targeted, personalised sessions with a Learning Coach to develop specific capabilities. iDevelop is when we focus on the Achievement Objectives of the New Zealand Curriculum in both Mathematics and Literacy.


This learning section provides time for learners to collaborate and connect. There will be both compulsory and optional immersion sessions for the learners to gain knowledge and expertise in certain areas so they are better able to embark on their self directed inquiries/problem based learning. iExperience is about providing and participating in new experiences.


This 40 minute break includes time to eat, free play and the option to engage in some organized sports/clubs. We will also foster the creation of learner lead ‘club’ type activities in this break.

A day in the life of an OrmPS Learner