Please purchase uniform items from Argyle online. Uniforms are not available in shops.

Ormiston Primary School Uniform Shop

Uniform Policy

All learners and members of staff are expected and encouraged, to take a pride in their general appearance by adhering to the following:

  • The specified school uniform will be worn by all learners to and from school, while attending school and when representing our school in the wider community.
  • Learners are expected to present themselves in a clean and tidy manner at all times. Uniform items are also to be clean, tidy and in good repair.
  • Where learners are not able to wear the school uniform due to unforeseen circumstances, a daily letter of explanation from the parent or caregiver addressed to the Leader of Learning is required. 
  • Extreme hairstyles and extreme hair colouring, as determined by the Leader of Learning are not permitted. Hair shoulder length or longer, must be tied back.  Hair accessories are to be black.
  • Earrings are to be limited to one matching earring per ear, of a small stud. A wrist watch is also permitted.
  • Fashion adornments including other piercings, jewellery, makeup, false nails, nail polish, tattoos and temporary transfers are not to be worn while in school uniform.
  • The following Ormiston Primary School uniform items are to be purchased from Argyle Online:
    • Short sleeve polo shirt with Ormiston Primary emblem
    • Cargo shorts with Ormiston Primary label
    • Cargo trousers with Ormiston Primary label
    • Skirt with Ormiston Primary label
    • Grey undershirt with Ormiston Primary label
    • Polar fleece zip jacket with Ormiston Primary emblem
    • Bucket Hat with with Ormiston Primary emblem
  • Hats are compulsory in Terms 1 and 4 outdoors.  Hats are not to be worn inside school buildings. 
  • Footwear is to be worn to and from school and when representing Ormiston Primary and must be:
    • Completely black, flat sandals or flat shoes, worn with either plain black socks or tights (not leggings).
    • No roller shoes.
  • If the undershirt is worn the learner must tuck it in.
  • Note: All clothing and shoes must be named for ease of return. All care will be taken by the staff but no responsibility is accepted for lost clothing.
  • Exemptions to our uniform will be considered for cultural and religious reasons on written application to the Leader of Learning.
  • If the school has any concerns regarding a learner’s uniform, hair, jewellery or footwear, the Leader of Learning will discuss this with the learner and their parents/guardians. If a resolution is unable to be reached, the matter may be referred to the Board of Trustees by either party.

To ensure that the intended outcome of this Procedure is met, i.e., that learners have pride in and promote a positive image of Ormiston Primary School, all learners will need to be responsible and follow the above guidelines (by ensuring their uniform is clean and tidy, hairstyle is not extreme, fashion adornments are not worn and footwear complies etc, as outlined above). 

This is particularly important when learners are representing Ormiston Primary School in the wider community.