Arrival at school and Roll

Ormiston Primary starts the school day at 8.55am and all learners need to be in their habitat ready for the morning roll call by this time. If a learner is missing at this time, they are marked as a question mark on our roll (reason for absence unknown), unless the school has been advised of their absence in advance. Parents and caregivers of learners marked with a question mark will receive a request from the school via text  to advise of the reason for absence.

Absences from school

All absences should be advised by 8.00am on the start of a school day. The following methods can be used;

  • HERO School App – this is the preferred method
  • Email; [email protected]
  • Phone; 09 2539020 and leave a message on the absence line with your child’s full name and habitat. Please speak clearly so the message is easy to listen to.
  • In person at the school office

Any medical absence for three days or more requires a medical certificate.

Please note  that under section 25 and 31 of the Education Act 1989;

“Schools (boards, principals, and individual teachers), along with parents and guardians, are responsible for making sure students attend school regularly.”

If there is a reason for concern regarding poor attendance, our school must follow a process to support the family and learner to improve school attendance. Please refer to School Attendance for more information.


All learners arriving from 8.55am onwards must go to the school office to sign in late. This is a two step process;

  1. Use the tablet to sign in under their name selecting  the tabs “Learner”, “Lateness” and then they type their name which will pop up on the top right hand side of the tablet. A reason for absence must be provided. 
  2. After completing the tablet, the learner puts a late stamp on their hand which needs to be shown to their learning coach.

Occasional lateness to school for legitimate reasons is to be expected, but if a learner is regularly late, this is of concern and will be followed up. Lateness is disruptive to the habitat, and also means a learner misses out on the morning routine in their habitat. If a learner is receiving extra support, such as reading recovery, they may miss this time impacting on their progress. Please ensure your child is arriving at school on time as it is in the best interests of everyone.

Early Sign Out

If a learner needs to leave school early for an appointment or another legitimate reason, the parent/caregiver must come to the office and sign them out on the tablet;

  1. Use the tablet to select the tabs “Learner”, “Sign Out” and then type their name which will pop up on the top right hand side of the tablet. A reason for sign out must be provided, as well as the name of the person signing out and their relationship to the learner.
  2. A sign out sticker will print and this must be taken to the habitat and given to a learning coach.

A learner must never be taken from school without being signed out. An afternoon roll is taken at 1.15pm. A  missing learner is extremely serious and will instigate school emergency protocol.

If you would like other people to have authority to sign out, these people must be listed as contacts on our family database OR you must ring the school and provide the persons details. Minors cannot sign learners out.

Please only use early sign out for legitimate reasons, as it is disruptive to the habitat and if it occurs regularly will impact on learning and progress.