Pick Up and Drop Off Area (PUDO)

Pick Up and Drop Off Area (PUDO)

OrmPS is a co-educational state primary school enrolling learners from years 1 to 6.

Our vision statement, “Guarantee every learner engages in innovative, personalised world class learning”, was gifted to us by our Establishment Board of Trustees.

Every decision we make is in alignment with our vision and grown through our school values, curriculum and a commitment to strong parent and community partnerships throughout our Ormiston neighbourhood.

Pick Up and Drop Off Area (PUDO)

Flow of cars - move forward

Learner Waiting Zone

PUDO Rules

OrmPS has rules around our PUDO. We rely on our community to respect these rules in the same manner road rules need to be respected.

  • The PUDO is a NO PARKING area. Parents and caregivers may not sit and wait or leave their vehicles. There is NO DOUBLE PARKING.
  • ALWAYS MOVE FORWARD. This is where children will be waiting for pick up. A PUDO area has a high turnover so please drop off or pick up children then go.
  • If child/ren aren’t ready for pick up. EXIT AND RE-ENTER THE PUDO AREA via Ormiston Road.
  • If you want to spend time with child/ren in the car or want to visit their Learning Habitat, please park in nearby streets.
  • For safety reasons, the gates to PUDO will ALWAYS remain SHUT at ibreak times between 10.30am-11.15am and 12.30pm-1.15pm when children are outside playing. They also remain locked from 2pm to 2.50pm. Please park on the road and walk in at these times.

Ideas to take the stress out of pickup times

Below are some great ideas aimed at taking the stress out of pick up times.

  • Talk to your child/ren beforehand about where you should meet in the PUDO area.
  • OrmiKids After School Care is available if picking up later than 3:15pm, please enquire at http://ormikids.org.nz/

How to make our PUDO area work

We need your help to make out “PUDO” area work. To do this please:

  • No double parking.
  • No waiting, don’t leave your vehicle.
  • Keep moving forward.
  • If your child isn’t ready, exit and re-enter the PUDO area via Ormiston Road.
Park with courtesy and safety first, not convenience. Illegal parking puts children at risk.