Digital Media Academy Partnership

Digital Media Academy Partnership

Ormiston Primary School was accredited as a Leading STEAM Schools in the World “Leader School” by Digital Media Academy in 2023, demonstrating our excellence in STEAM education.

In September 2022 Ormiston Primary School partnered with Digital Media Academy (DMA) to enhance learning across 21st Century Technology Education subject areas. 

Founded in 1999 on the campus of Stanford University, Digital Media Academy (DMA) “provides technology education curriculum and learning experiences to global STEAM education leaders. Supported by Stanford educators, researchers, and industry experts.

Digital Media Academy’s technology education courses meet the highest standards in 21st-century learning standards.

Digital Media Academy offer a comprehensive age-appropriate hands-on curriculum covering cutting edge topics including; Coding, Programming, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Game Design + Development, Digital Storytelling and Film-Making, 3D Modelling, Creative Design, Nanotechnology, Music Production, Robotics and Engineering.  Used by more than 1100 schools around the world, we are excited to bring these innovative programmes to Ormiston Primary School.

As we continue on a journey towards comprehensive technology education integration at Ormiston Primary School, we aim to provide the opportunity for our learners to receive world-class tech training with proven significant learning gains. These include the development of industry-relevant skills and engagement in individualized projects that directly apply learning to real-world scenarios. Consequently, we equip our learners with the higher cognitive, social emotional and professional skills needed to thrive in an ever-changing complex digital world.

The DMA partnership aligns with Ormiston Primary School’s vision to “Guarantee every learner engages in innovative, personalized, world class learning”. It expands the scale and scope of our STEAM Education to train the future designers, developers, programmers, engineers, animators, musicians, filmmakers and creators in New Zealand.